Orders of Protection

  • DO NOT HANDLE AN ORDER OR PROTECTION ON YOUR OWN! We have the legal knowledge and experience to help you defend an order of protection. Going at it alone can result in severe consequences which you may not even consider, including your right to hunt, own a firearm or possess a concealed weapon.
  • A relatively new area where orders of protection can be helpful is where a child is being or has been bullied at school. If you have a child who has been bullied contact Grafe & Batchelor and we will help you determine if this part of the legal system can help stop the bullying of your child. Likewise, if your child has been served with an order of protection and is accused of bullying, we can defend those actions as well.

Experienced attorneys helping with Missouri orders of protection

Our attorneys have more than 20 years of combined experience handling cases involving orders of protection. Call us today at 636.933.9151 or contact us online to learn more. From our office in Festus, we represent clients throughout Jefferson County.